Oliveira’s BAC results in DWI case stay secret, Darby files to run for Texas House Speaker, Amarillo council moves to isolate public commenters at city meetings


Attorneys for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton say outgoing state Rep. Rene Oliveira can keep the results of his DWI blood test a secret until his case is decided.

Confirming what might be the worst-kept secret in state politics, state Rep. Drew Darby told the media Friday he intends to run for speaker of the Texas House in the 2019 legislative session.

The Amarillo City Council took another tack this week in what detractors believe is an ongoing campaign to muffle public voices at its meetings.

Drew Darby’s long-expected announcement of candidacy for speaker of the Texas House will test the resolve of conservative House Republicans in the coming legislative session.


  1. With these kind of rulings made simply to Protect Olivera & other Politicians is Shameful & a disgrace to those they were supposedly elected to serve

  2. The corruption in Congress trickles down into every entity across this Nation who refer to themselves as Public Servants! It is truly frightening!


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