Mayoral candidate sues over election results in Whitney


A mayoral candidate in the town of Whitney in central Texas has filed suit over the May 4 election results, alleging a host of voting irregularities, KXXV-25 reported.

Jerry Barker, one of the unsuccessful candidates for mayor, said in his lawsuit that the majority of the votes were improperly cast or mishandled. He said that some ballots went missing while others were not counted. He said election officials didn’t use security seals on the ballot boxes and that voter election packets also disappeared.

“Obviously there’s a lot of discrepancies and irregularities with the election. And the only way, the due process to go about that, is to file that with the court,” Barker told the TV station.

Although the town has more than 2,000 residents, only 100 ballots were cast in the election, a turnout of less than 5 percent. Trey Jetton, who won the mayor’s race, is named as a defendant along with other city officials.

None of the defendants would comment on the lawsuit. Jetton told the TV station that he looked forward “to spending these first few days in office learning and assessing, first and foremost.”

Barker told the TV station he’s worried that the appearance of impropriety in elections could dissuade people from voting in future elections.

“If they feel that there’s not going to be a fair, impartial election, then obviously there will be less voters that will get out and vote,” he said.

KXXV reported that city officials have turned over evidence to the Texas attorney general’s office.


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