Legislator out of jail in time for new session, ‘democracy dollars’ case goes to high court, Pharr wants public officials’ salary private


Special prosecutor Brian Wice, comparing the injustice done to him and his legal team to the Japanese-Americans interned in concentration camps during World War II, has asked the Court of Criminal Appeals to reconsider nullifying their pay agreement to prosecute Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson ordered state Rep. Ron Reynolds released from jail Friday after less than four months of incarceration — and four days before the start of the 86th session of the Texas Legislature.

Amy Hamilton lives in Elgin, a town on the east side of Austin. Last month she got a collection demand for a $422 overdue fine for driving past a school bus that was stopped. She acknowledges that she did it, though not intentionally; an online video link shows her car passing the bus.

A recent state of Washington Supreme Court decision could have a significant impact on the Austin City Council’s interest in a controversial Seattle campaign finance program.

In a new twist on a controversial public information ruling by the state Supreme Court, the South Texas town of Pharr is seeking to withhold from the public the salary of its new city manager, claiming that divulging the figure would put it at a business disadvantage.

Former Texas congressman Blake Farenthold has resigned his $160,000-a-year job lobbying for the Calhoun Port Authority, a month after a local newspaper asked an appeals court to cut him off, alleging his hiring was illegal.

Three months after suspending him during an internal investigation of inappropriate workplace conduct and 11 days after his arrest on a domestic violence charge, the Hidalgo City Council fired Police Chief Rodolfo Espinoza.


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