Lamar University president says he’ll cooperate with investigation


Lamar University President Kenneth Evans says he will cooperate with an investigation into his administration at the Beaumont school, KFDM 6-TV reported.

The university’s Faculty Senate recently voted to conduct a six-month investigation, also recommending a forensic audit of the school’s finances, amid allegations that administrators are not being transparent with the budget.

Evans, who has been president of the school since 2013, told the TV station a small number of staff members who are upset at not getting raises are spearheading the move.

“In any organization that’s this large, there’s always going to be a few people who are disgruntled,” he said.

The accusations leveled at Evans and his staff by the faculty group were far-reaching, from wasting money on costly programs that few students use to secretly changing grades to benefit certain students, KFDM reported.

“There were accusations that were advanced,” Evans said. “The Faculty Senate has not substantiated those and they’re in the process of putting together an ad-hoc committee to evaluate them.”

He chose not to address any specific allegations in the interview, telling KFDM he would not comment until the faculty body completes its investigation.

“I made it very clear to the Faculty Senate, I’m here and available to them in any way, shape, or form that I can assist them in the process of conducting their investigation,” he said.



  1. This all sounds way too familiar. How can anyone forget the audit of Lamar University by the Texas State University System around 2012 or so. I certainly have not forgotten considering I was one of the whistleblowers whose name was released by the press when the report sent to the chief of police concerning the audit was leaked to the press. I was terminated shortly after (while on intermittent family medical leave) along with several others who helped with the investigation. I was told I would never teach again! They have ruined my career! I hope the truth comes out and what happened after our audit does not have the same result as what we experienced. Good luck. The truth is where it’s at. Be strong! Stand up for what is right!


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