KIPP Voyage Academy fires teacher after racially insensitive videos surface on Facebook


KIPP Voyage Academy in Houston fired a teacher who was captured in two videos making racial comments earlier this month, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Tiffany Scott, 27, made the derogatory comments following a car accident with a Hispanic couple on Oct. 9.

The brief videos show Scott telling Jose Sanchez and his fiancee, Kimberly Lopez, “You swam here with the rest of your family,” along with other race-related comments.

Lopez posted the videos on Snapchat and Facebook where thousands of people viewed them. She has since removed them.

Once officials at KIPP Voyage Academy saw the videos, they immediately fired Scott, who had taught at the school for two years. KIPP is a national network of charter schools whose Voyage Academy, according to their website, serves “college-bound young women” in fifth through eighth grades.

“We value each and every student and family that is a part of the KIPP network, and we do not tolerate discriminatory remarks of any kind,” Regional Superintendent Daniel Caesar said in a statement quoted by the Chronicle. “KIPP Texas Public Schools is committed to taking swift action in situations such as these, and we remain committed to our mission of preparing our students for choice-filled lives as they continue on the path to and through college.”

Scott, who has since apologized for her comments, alleged Sanchez and Lopez made derogatory comments toward her after the crash.

“They asked me if I swam from Africa to Houston,” Scott told the Chronicle. “My intentions [were] never to bring any other race down, so I want to go ahead and apologize for that.”

Scott, who allegedly slapped a cell phone out of Lopez’s hands, was arrested at the scene of the crash and charged with assault.

She said she did not start the verbal exchange with Sanchez and Lopez and alleges they spat on her while also delivering racial slurs. Sanchez, however, maintains this never occurred.

Scott said she is considering litigation and that she is not a racist.


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