HCC Trustee Wilson may face dressing-down from colleagues Thursday

Dave Wilson (right) speaks to the media earlier this year with attorney Keith Gross

HOUSTON — Almost six months to the day when Houston Community College trustees voted to censure one of their own for taking bribes, those trustees want to punish another of their colleagues — but it’s unclear what his misdeeds are.

HCC Trustee Dave Wilson faces his possible rebuke Thursday at the trustee’s regular monthly meeting.

“I can’t provide any specifics until we discuss it in closed session,” Trustee Board Chairwoman Eva Loredo told The Texas Monitor. “We have several things to discuss.”

Wilson said he believes the board’s leaders are angry at him for hiring his own investigators to probe the college system in the wake of former Trustee Chris Oliver’s bribery scandal.

The findings from that investigation, he said he believes, led to the college’s accreditation agency putting a spotlight on “the institution’s ongoing compliance with accreditation standards related to Board conflict of interest.”

“They’re trying to put the blame on me, which is ludicrous,” Wilson said.  “I guess being transparent and telling the truth is why they want to censure me.”

See The Texas Monitor story on the HCC accreditation issue here.

He also said that he wants the discussion over his possible censure to be held publicly, rather than behind closed doors.

Wilson is perhaps the most strident and vocal members on the board of trustees.

And hiring his own investigator is not the only action he’s taken that may have caused other board members to frown upon him.

He made public on his own website all of the HCC staff making over $100,000 a year, and filed a complaint against a fellow trustee for violating the board’s open meeting rules because she voted remotely, instead of in person.

Wilson has been critical of the spending that has been flowing into the college’s own investigation into the fallout from the bribery scheme undertaken by Oliver.

He has also filed a complaint against another fellow trustee, claiming she lives outside of her district and that she should be reprimanded or censured by the HCC board.

Wilson has long maintained that he wants to clean up corruption at HCC and he said he also seeks for the college system to have tighter fiscal controls.

If Wilson is censured, it’s not clear what effect that will have on his role on the board.

For example, a censure means that a trustee is stripped from any position as board officer. Wilson is not a board officer.=

A censure also means a trustee cannot use college money to travel.

Only a state district judge has the power to pry any trustee from the board.

Loredo said the effort was designed “to move the college forward.”

“Too much of the emphasis is put on the board and we need to put the emphasis on the college,” she said.

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