Harvey recovery aid should start flowing within the month, Houston officials say

Hurricane Harvey

Houston officials are hoping that more than $1 billion in federal Hurricane Harvey recovery assistance will start reaching storm victims next month, despite delays and questions about procurement contracts, the Houston Chronicle reported.

“If we can have reimbursement checks rolling out before Christmas, looking at hammers swinging in January, those are the targets that we’re pushing for,” Tom McCasland, Houston’s housing and community development director, was quoted as saying in the Chronicle story published Thursday. “As long as we can get this last contract in place right around the end of the month or the very first part of next month, I’m confident we can still hit this timeline.”

McCasland admitted that Houston’s timeline has shifted but stressed the shifts were due in part to securing state and federal approval of the city’s action plan, as required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, according to the story. After HUD approves the action plan, Houston can move ahead on a contract signed with the Texas General Land Office and access the $1.17 billion.


  1. Could you do a story of using recovery funds on private land to prevent future flooding….Austin county, at least my understanding, is using some of their recovery funds to clear debris from private land to keep future flooding from happening. I have no reason to believe that they are not doing this nor that they are breaking the law. There is lots of debris left on private land after the heavy rains we have. Most is found left in the natural water flow lanes from the fast moving water. If one county could find a way to help mitigate future flooding as well as possible loss of life why couldn’t other counties do the same?


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