Harris County judge slaps CPS with $127,000 penalty in child removal case


Attorneys for parents whose children were removed from their custody — leading to a rare, and possibly the largest-ever, sanction against Texas’s Child Protective Services last week — have called for an investigation and possible criminal charges, according to a Houston newspaper report.

Attorneys for Melissa and Dillon Bright, whose son and daughter were removed by CPS late last summer, called for the investigation after a Harris County judge on Thursday announced a penalty of more than $127,000 for the wrongful removal of the children, according to a Houston Chronicle story. The judge handed down the sanction because CPS allegedly lied about it to the court, the newspaper reported.

“They lied in their affidavit, they lied in their sworn removal testimony and they have — when questioned about those lies — taken the Fifth,” the Brights’ attorney, Dennis Slate, was quoted by the Chronicle as saying.

The two young children have been returned to their parents.


  1. CPS should also admit they were wrong. How can these people who make the decision to take children away like this live with themselves? They must get some huge kick backs for every child they have removed from homes.


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