Group lobbying against AISD bond hit with complaint

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The Save East Austin Schools PAC, which is lobbying against the Austin Independent School District’s billion-dollar bond ask, was hit with an ethics complaint for failing to file a campaign finance report.

But it’s unclear if any rules were broken, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

From the Statesman:

An organizer with the Save East Austin Schools PAC said the group is not required to file campaign finance reports until January.

Documents provided to the American-Statesman indicate the group is exempt from the reporting requirements because organizers declared at the outset of the campaign that the group would not raise or spend more than $500.

As of Oct. 10, the grassroots Save East Austin Schools had not raised any money, and the group didn’t believe it was required to file a report if no funds were raised, said Bertha Delgado, president of the PAC.

Oct. 10 is the day that most political action committees are required to file a campaign finance report, which shows how much money political action groups spend, and who donated money to the PAC.

This is not the first complaint salvo fired during the run-up to the Nov. 7 bond vote.

Another group opposing the bond filed a complaint against the school district, saying that school officials violated election laws in the run-up to the vote on its $1 billion bond package.

The Travis County Taxpayers Union filed the complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission saying that AISD improperly used public money to promote the bond.

You can see that report here.

The bond “would bring 21st-century learning spaces to students without increasing our tax rate,” according to district officials.

This bond is designed to modernize or construct 16 new campus facilities, some of which will be replacement schools. It is also planned to update campuses with capital improvement projects.

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  1. “The bond “would bring 21st-century learning spaces to students without increasing our tax rate,” according to district officials.”

    If that’s the case then no bond is needed!

    Liars and cheats!


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