Former Haltom City firefighter says officials violated procedures in his firing


Haltom City faces a lawsuit from a former firefighter who says city officials violated civil service procedures when he appealed his firing, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

Joe Williamson worked for the fire department in the Fort Worth suburb from 1993 until August 2018, when he was terminated from his position as battalion chief. Williamson seeks back pay from Sept. 13, 2018, until now and wants his previous position back.

According to the newspaper, Williamson’s troubles with the city began in December 2017 after a subordinate filed a complaint against him and he was put on administrative leave. After a seven-month investigation, Williamson was fired.

His suit is based on the city’s alleged failure to schedule a civil service hearing soon enough after Williamson appealed his firing. Williamson’s suit charges that the city did not schedule a civil service hearing within 30 days after Williamson appealed his termination and that, although there was discussion with the city, the hearing was never held.


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