Family of Klein ISD student wants answers on sexual abuse allegations

Klein sexual assault

Relatives of a fifth-grade student in the Klein school district in Spring said their daughter was kept away from their home for two days without explanation, and they later discovered that school officials had initiated an investigation into possible sexual abuse at home, KHOU 11 reported.

The 12-year-old girl was injured two weeks ago when someone hit her in the stomach with a tennis ball. She fainted and was taken to the hospital. The student, a native of Honduras who is still learning English, told the TV station that teachers asked her about abuse in her home.

“[They asked] like sex stuff,” the girl said, according to KHOU. “I [said] yes. No. [Then] I go to sleep.”

Her parents said no one informed them about the trip to the hospital so they turned to the school for information.

“The principal [said] none of your business. It’s a police matter,” the father said, according to KHOU.

The family told KHOU that Child Protective Services investigated the concerns of school officials but found no evidence of abuse. A spokesman for CPS confirmed to KHOU that there are no active investigations into that family.

School district spokesman Justin Elbert said in a statement that, “Out of protection for student privacy, we do not comment on matters related to a student in an emergency situation.”

It’s unclear why school officials suspected there could have been sexual abuse in that household.

KHOU reported that the family is reunited and the girl has returned to school, but that the family will speak to Klein school board members about the issue.


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