Dallas woman says she was victim of mail-in ballot fraud

Dallas ballot fraud

A Dallas woman has told KXAS-TV in North Texas that she was a victim of mail-in ballot fraud, after a man who had ordered and collected mail-in ballots for her in the past told her this time she had to change her vote.

Bridgett Moore, who lives in Dallas Housing Authority’s Cliff Manor development for elderly and disabled people, told the TV station (also known as NBC) that the same man – whose name she doesn’t know – has presented her in recent city elections with mail-in ballots he claimed he had ordered for her. The man came back later to collect it each time.

This year, Moore wanted to vote for Albert Black, former chairman of the Dallas Housing Authority Board, for mayor in the May 4 election, but the man insisted she should vote for another candidate.

“I knew exactly who I wanted to vote for because I got my whole church voting for him,” Moore told NBC 5. “He whited it out and he told me to sign it after he whited it out. And I’m like, ‘But I know Albert Black. I know him personally. And I want to vote for him.’ He was like, ‘no.’ “

According to the news report, the man took the ballot with the altered vote, and Moore filed a complaint with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

Dallas attorney Anthony Farmer, a Black supporter, told NBC 5 it was a “quintessential case of voter fraud.”

“This same gentleman has come around and done the same thing over and over again. So people talk about making a difference, making some changes with these voter fraud incidents, but something really needs to happen,” Farmer said.

A spokesperson for the Dallas County DA declined to comment on the allegations.



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