Dallas journalist said he was threatened by horseman during Harrison County drive


A Dallas man said he found his recent drive through Harrison County blocked by a menacing horseman. Now he’s saying local law enforcement is ignoring his concerns, the Longview News-Journal reported.

Journalist James Ragland, formerly a columnist for The Dallas Morning News, said that on Aug. 4 he was driving down Floyd Evans Road near his hometown of Elysian Fields in a rental car with California license plates when one of three men on horses moved his mount to the middle of the road to block Ragland’s path.

After slowly approaching the now-stopped car, the man just stared at Ragland, who, according to the News-Journal, told the man, “Nice horse.”

“Thank you, but these are Texas roads,” the man replied, eventually repeating the phrase two more times before Ragland drove away. His son, 10, and a 12-year-old family member were in the car.

Ragland dropped off the 12-year-old at a relative’s house and visited for about 30 minutes before returning on Floyd Evans Road, the newspaper reported. The horsemen was still there along the side of the road and brandished a rolled-up rope the looked like a noose, Ragland told the News-Journal.

He got out of his car and took photos of the man before driving his traumatized son home to Dallas. Ragland said he called the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office that night to report the incident.

After not getting a return call for several days, Ragland posted the photo and details of the incident on social media, encouraging people to contact the sheriff’s office. 

Ragland claims Capt. Floyd Duncan then called and accused him of harassing the sheriff’s office

In a statement issued Monday, Harrison County Chief Deputy B.J. Fletcher said the sheriff’s office “investigates all criminal complaints or allegations that could put our citizens in danger. If a criminal complaint is substantiated, it would then be referred to the correct court of jurisdiction.

“Captain Duncan concluded after talking with both [Ragland] and [the rider] that no threats of bodily injury or racial slurs were voiced from either complainant or actor,” the statement said.

The office concluded that no charges should be filed in the case.



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