Dallas housing department hired engineer charged with fraud to inspect homes

Government CrimeStoppers: Dallas

The engineer hired by the Dallas Housing Department to inspect eight homes for low-income residents had previously been charged with fraud and doesn’t have a state license, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Records show that ADI Engineering, owned by Donatus I. Anyanwu, was paid $15,400 to inspect the homes, which were built by a construction company whose owner was friends with a mid-level manager in the housing department. The newspaper reported that the homes were built with a number of defects and were far behind schedule.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development gave the city the task of hiring an engineer to make sure the homes were structurally sound after a federal audit was conducted. 

But Anyanwu faces his own legal troubles. The Morning News story noted that a simple internet search would have shown city officials that the ADI owner had been charged with fraud in an alleged kickback scheme with a charter school CEO, and that a call to the state engineering board would have revealed he had lost his engineer’s license.

City housing director David Noguera told the newspaper his department got the name of ADI from another city department.

“The city would never knowingly hire a firm that had the issues you are describing,” he said.

Because of the snafus, construction of the HUD homes has fallen as much as a year and a half behind schedule. The project, supposed to be completed three years ago, now won’t be finished until 2020, the newspaper reported.


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