Controversial Kirbyville superintendent resigns


Trustees for the Kirbyville consolidated school district north of Beaumont approved the resignation of controversial Superintendent Tommy Wallis on Thursday after more than a half-hour in executive session.

Board members adjourned the meeting and quickly left the room. Wallis declined to comment to a reporter from the Beaumont Enterprise.

Donna Morgan, the superintendent’s secretary, told the newspaper earlier in the day that Wallis notified the board of his plans to retire about a week prior to the meeting. There are no immediate plans to hire a replacement superintendent, she told the newspaper.

The Enterprise received documents last year from four school administrators that listed a litany of complaints against Wallis, including that he created a hostile work environment and violated the district’s ethics code.

In March, Wallis was hit with a wrongful-death lawsuit in the aftermath of the May 2017 suicide of Kirbyville High School principal Dennis Reeves, who shot himself in his pickup truck at the school shortly after he was confronted by Wallis and assistant superintendent Georgia Sayers about an alleged affair with a school district employee, the Enterprise reported.

Wallis was hired in 2017, six months after his forced resignation as superintendent of schools in Bryan, Texas.

Mark Meredith, an active parent in the school district, told the newspaper that there needs to be an overhaul of how things are done in Kirbyville.

“I want to see more transparency,” he said. “I want our officials to be accountable.”


  1. And he’ll retire and live a good life on a fat retirement. You want to reform the TEA, start at the top!!!!


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