Chemical storage company charged after large fire, New bill provides tax relief to live music venues, Dallas woman says man altered her mail in ballot, proposed property tax relief comes at a cost


In Amarillo, Potter County government officials are working to recover from a virus attack on their computers, while the FBI investigates the issue.

Six Texas prison guards aren’t feeling very cute since they lost their jobs after participating in controversial social media posts.

The Texas House on Wednesday passed on to the Senate a bill that would allow businesses with a live music venue to withhold a percentage of their taxes in the name of music preservation in Texas.

The three-member Texas Workforce Commission approved rules earlier this month to allow employers in the gig economy to skirt unemployment rules despite overwhelming opposition in public comments.

Intercontinental Terminals Company faces five misdemeanor counts of water pollution in the aftermath of a plant fire in March that resulted in toxic chemicals leaking into Houston-area waterways and caused local schools to close and residents to be told to stay indoors.

Flash flooding last week in Fort Worth that resulted in 45 weather-related emergency calls highlighted the city’s biggest water problem, but the cost to fix it won’t be cheap – an estimated $1 billion, on top of the $1.17 billion being spent on Panther Island, a controversial economic development project also promoted as a help in alleviating flooding caused by the Trinity River.

A Dallas woman has told KXAS-TV in North Texas that she was a victim of mail-in ballot fraud, after a man who had ordered and collected mail-in ballots for her in the past told her this time she had to change her vote.

An article in the Texas Observer has raised questions about whether the property tax relief measures that elected state leaders are pushing would be necessary, if loopholes were closed that allow big corporations to reduce their tax liabilities to the state.

Six women stood on the University of Texas at San Antonio campus on Wednesday, holding posters listing the names of seven men they accused of sexual assault or dating violence, the San Antonio Express News reported.

In the fallout from a high school trip with allegations of underage drinking, a North Texas instructor is no longer teaching and administrators and parents are arguing over who is most to blame.



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