Board delays decision on La Vernia superintendent accused of repeated sexual harassment


The La Vernia school board late last week put off a decision on the possible dismissal of Superintendent Trent Lovette after a cheerleader alleged he touched her inappropriately at a football game, KSAT reported.

The La Vernia High School student filed an incident report with the Sinton Police Department on Thursday, saying that “she felt a hand slide back and forth on her lower back” as she stood on the track and turned around to discover it was Lovette.

The cheerleader told an officer it was an “uninviting touch and made her feel uncomfortable,” according to the police report. The incident happened at a football game in Sinton. The La Vernia district is on the east side of San Antonio.

The school board spent three hours in executive session on Friday night discussing Lovette’s possible firing, but took no action. A statement from the board said it would “make fully informed decisions and will not rush to judgment. We ask for patience as we continue to get more facts and determine the best way forward for our district.”

Lovette has faced several allegations of inappropriate behavior at work. Last year he was reinstated less than three weeks after being placed on leave due to those earlier allegations, according to KSAT.

The TV station noted that district officials refused to discuss their investigation or release records detailing it, but the Texas Attorney General’s Office sent a letter to KSAT on Thursday confirming that Lovette had received a written reprimand. The document that sets out the reprimand and other records relating to the investigation do not have to be released publicly, however, according to the AG’s office.

A source provided KSAT with a list of some of the allegations against Lovette, including that he:

texted a file to staff members showing two women making out,

joked with a female staff member about students having a “threesome,”

described in graphic detail to a female employee a sex act between two students caught on camera at his previous district, and

joked during annual training on blood-borne pathogens about whether HIV could be transmitted by breast milk.

Lovette was placed on leave in November 2018, shortly after these alleged incidents took place, but was reinstated the next month. He declined to speak with KSAT about the allegations.


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